Friday, September 16, 2005



1. What does this past Kansas debater look like now?

2. What does this ex-debater now do for a living?

Diana is a Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Kansas and is dean of the Graduate School and Office of International Programs.

3. Has this former debater been "in the news"?

Diana created DebateWatch in 1996 and was national director for DebateWatch 2000. Citizens were asked to watch televised presidential debates "and then explain in discussion groups what they learned from the debates, which formats they liked and how the debates could be improved." Debate Watch is now sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

From the Austin American-Statesman, September 27, 2004:
Diana Carlin found that people were both attracted to and repulsed by conflict.

They didn't listen to learn. They viewed debates like hometown football games, hoping to see their team run up the score.

Though more than one-third of viewers said that the debates were important in helping them decide how to vote, most used the debate to confirm an existing belief, Carlin said. Only 8 percent of the electorate in 1992 said the presidential debates changed their vote.

"What we found is that the debates reinforce," Carlin said. "People want to have their minds made up."

Diana is spreading the virtues of political debate worldwide -- in faraway places like Moldova and Benin.

4. What else do we know?

Diana is chair of the Board of Directors, Kids Voting Kansas and member of Kids Voting USA Board of Directors.

She has slept in the White House.

Diana deserves part of the "credit" for KU's recent football "success."

She gets to say "here come da judge just about anytime she wants.

And then there's this.

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