Saturday, October 01, 2005


David (1980-1984)

1. What does this past Kansas debater look like now?

2. What does this ex-debater now do for a living?

David recently worked as a tutor at the Community College of Denver Online Writing Lab. I'm not sure how well the Socratic method worked in that format.

Currently, David is a legal assistant for Eggers & Zimmerman, Law & Mediation practice in Salina, Kansas.

Sometimes, he describes himself as a typist.

3. Has this former debater been "in the news"?

Do listserves count? David is often an active participant on eDebate and many of his posts concern public policy issues and figures.

4. What else do we know?

David is a beat poet, published widely on the 'net. He is included in the NoneList Anthology, for both his poetry and his prose.

David follows the NBA and is a Celtics fan.

And then there's this, which has something to do with David's infatuation with Melanie. Whoever that is.

At least I understand this part of it:
...a scratch [in a vinyl album] ain't so bad cuz it connects you to the soul of the party it was scratched at...
Amen to that.

Update: I corrected the employment information in response to David's email.

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