Thursday, February 16, 2006


Chris (1989-1993)

1. What does this past Kansas debater look like now?

2. What does this ex-debater now do for a living?

Chris is Debate Coach at Towson State University. He is also program director for the Baltimore Urban Debate League.

3. Has this former debater been "in the news"?

Yes. "60 Minutes" ran a story about Urban Debate Leagues and featured one of Chris's debaters. BUDL has also been featured in the Baltimore City Paper. The Afro American Newspapers also ran a story about the leagues.

4. What else do we know?

Chris is Treasurer of the International Debate Education Association. IDEA is headquartered in the Netherlands.

In fact, IDEA seems to be a great way for debate coaches to experience international junkets.

He excites easily.

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