Sunday, February 26, 2006


Neal (1969-1970)

1. What does this past Kansas debater look like now?

2. What does this ex-debater now do for a living?

Neal is Associate Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

3. Has this former debater been "in the news"?

Don't be silly. He's an historian.

Actually, on October 16, 2003, the on-line Catholic Herald published his essay on "The unimaginable happened: A Polish pope."

Neal's expertise has occasionally landed him on public radio.

4. What else do we know?

Neal's Poland, the United States, and the Stabilization of Europe, 1919-1933 was published by Oxford University Press in 1986. That book won the J. Pilsudski Institute of America's award for the best book on the modern history of Poland published in 1985-1986.

Given his scholarly interest, it is no surprise that Neal travels to Poland on occasion. He's affiliated with the Polish American Congress of Wisconsin and the Polish American Historical Association. Actually, Neal is "Second Vice President" of that latter academic organization.

Neal is a baseball fan and is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research. Sometimes, he figures out a way to link his interests in baseball and Poland. Neal teaches a course on the history of baseball.

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